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Information about data usage and privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Here we explain which data we collect for what purpose, and what we do with them. First: All data is exclusively processed on our servers. We will not pass your data on to any service provider.

We differentiate between the data we collect when you are not logged in (see 1.) or logged into your account on the system (see 2.).

1- Anonymous user

We store the IP address currently used by your computer in an anonymized form, your browser type and operating system, and the date and time of your visit. We also log the pages you view. We are not able to link this information to your personal data, nor is it our intention to do so.

2- User with account

For users with account we store personal data. Personal data are items of information that can be connected back to a person, i.e. data through which you are identifiable as an individual or company, or that can be assigned to you. Personal data include what are known as master data, i.e. data that are required to form, define or alter contractual relationships between you and this K-Box, such as your name and your contact data (e-mail).

In order to allow a persistent and comfortable login experience, we set a cookie, a small file with a number, on your computer, to be able to identify. This is common practice, but you shall be aware.

Your Rights

If you contact us personally you can always withdraw your consent to the use of your data at any time, effective for the future. You also have the right to request information on the data we hold on you, free of charge. In addition, you have the right to demand that we amend, block, or delete your data in accordance with legal regulations. Should you wish to contact us regarding your personal data, please send us a message.